Hair Healers Beauty Salon has been providing extraordinary transformations in South Florida since 1989. This local gem is owned and operated by Dania & Adryanna- a mother & daughter duo. Dania has been able to pass down her talent and knowledge not only to her daughter, but also the staff members of Hair Healers. The dream team love to service their clients with the same love, dedication and passion they have put into their cosmetology career. From a simple blowout or a touch up of color – to dimensional color and extensions, every client we service at Hair Healers is a personalized project.
Our services include some of the most innovative products in the beauty industry which include lightening creams, bond builders, direct dyes jam packed conditioning agents and Japanese hair straighteners.

My main goal is to give clients the look they have always desired to achieve without causing harm, damage or alter the integrity of my clients hair.’ – Dania B. Galarce



Allure Salon & Spa Directory

February 2008: The Best Salon & Spa Services in Miami

July 2015: “Impeccable Hair Services From LA to New York”

October 2016: Best Humidity-Proof Cut & Botched-Color Repair


InStyle Magazine

Fall 2009: Whose Hair, Where”
“Big, Sexy waves cause a stir at Dania Galarces Hair Healers Salon”

2009: “Ultimate Beauty Black Book”


5 Stars in Yelp

“They are fantastic! Reasonable priced. Superb customer service. You have a 15 day guarantee. Dania and Adriana are a dream team. They look at everything being done long term, which is just wonderful :-)” – Alejandra


Here at Hair Healers we offer a wide variety of hair services for your needs. We will find any solution to your needs while keeping in mind your face shape, hair texture, and skin tone.

Check out our detailed menu for a list of our services and prices.



Fringe Benefits & Luscious Look.

Hair Styling
Short $30+
Medium $40+
Long $50 – $60
Special Occasion Styling
Up-Do Trial $50+
Up-Do $100+
Bridal Up-Do $150
At Event Master Stylist $200/Hour


Fringe Benefits & Luscious Look.

Hair Cuts
Our salon does not participate in Locks-Of-Love donations.

Hair Cut  $50
Cut & Blow-Dry
Short $70
Medium $80+
Long $90-$100


For a slick and smooth look

Frizz Control
Keratin Treatments are used for frizz control, cut down on styling time, closes the cuticle & give the hair more shine. This treatment is NOT used as a curl retexturizer. For curl softening or straightening we recommend to use curl softeners, hair relaxers or Japanese straighteners.
Hair Botox Treatments are free of harmful chemicals and do not release any harmful fumes. This treatment is recommended for clients that are sensitive to odors, children, or clients that like to maintain their natural curl pattern. Botox helps maintain styling, cuts down on styling time, reduces volume & removes up-to 60% of frizz.

Brands: 72 Hour Keratin by Defabulous, *Brazilian Blowout, Cacao Keratin by Musa, Clivove, Dream Keratin (Acai, Cacao, & Moroccan), Felps (Amazon Hair Straightening, X-Btx, & Omega Zero) KeraVino by BioNaza, KeraLuxe, *N6 by Rejuvenol, Natura, Platinum by Plait, Power Keratin by 4Hair, Sweet Hair Professional (Original Keratin, Volume control & Botox), Truss (HighLiss & HighLiss:Blonde), *Ybera Paris(Botulinica Capillar, Discovery Express, Genoma).

Botox $130 – 250
Straightening Shampoo  $130 – 250
Keratin Treatment  Short $150 – 250
Medium $200 – 300
Long  $250 – 400
 Brazilian Blowout  $250 +


Relaxers – Permanent solution for a sleeker & smoother look

Brands: Mitzani, Opti-Smooth by Matrix, Vitale Pro, & YUKO

Curl Softener $80 – 250
Touch Up  $150 – 250
Root To Tip $300 – 550
YUKO Short $330+
Medium  $400+
 Long  $500+


Beach Wave $130+
Spiral Perm $150 – $250
Multi-Texture Perm $180+
Partial Perm *For Root Lift & Volume $80 – $130


Let our experienced stylist find the right color for you.

Root-Tip-Color$60 – $110

Semi Permanent Starting Price $40-$50
Single Process Color  Touch Up  $40 – $55
 Root-To-Tip  $60 – 150
 Double Process  Touch Up  $100 – $150
Root-To-Tip  $130 – $250
 Ammonia Free Color  Touch up $50+
 Color Remover By Consult Only
Hi/Low Lights

All lightening services include a free application of Olaplex, B3 or Uberliss into our lightener formula!



Cap Hi/Low Lights $100+
Partial Hi/Low Lights $100 – $180
Color Blocking/Peek A Boo $100+
Full Set $130 – $250
3D Highlight Set $150-$310
Balayage $130-$250
Fantasy Tones (i.e. Red, Silver/platinum, Blue, Purple) $280 – $350
Hair Restorative Treatments
911 Quinoa Treatment / 007 Keratin Hydration $30+
B3 Demi Conditioner ***Styling Included $80 – $130
B3 Demi Conditioner with Infrared Iron ***Styling Included $100 – $190
Bond Builder (B3, Olaplex, Uberliss, or Vital shot) $40 – $50
Dandruff and/or Itchy Scalp Treatment $30
Genoma by Yberra  $150 – 280
Glazing Treatment – Adds shine & pigment  $ 30 – $70
Kapyderm Organic Turf- Scalp Exfoliating masque  $40
Keratin Replenisher  $50
Lanza Emergency Repair Healing Oil $40 – 50
Olaplex *Per Application $40 – 50
Malibu – Crystal Repair *removes mineral buildup $40+
S.O.S by Sweet $80
TIGI – S.O.S Extreme Recovery $45+
Truss – K:Recovery $50+
 Truss – Miracle Hydration  $50+
 Truss – Prime and Tone for Blondes.  $50+


Hair Extensions for length, volume, color dimension and body.

Hair Extensions to add length, volume, dimension of color, and body.
We work with the Braidless Sow-In, Fusion Hair Extensions, Micro-Link & Tape Hair Extensions

Full Set Application

Type Price
Microlink / Fusion Extensions $8-$10 Each Strand
Partial Tape Extensions $350+
Full Set Tape Extensions $650+

Removal & Reapplication(s)

Type Price
Removal of Tape Hair Extensions $130 – $150
Removal & Reapplication of Tape $200 – $280
Removal of Fusion, Micro Link Sow-In, or Braidless Sow-In Hair Extensions $80-$200
Removal, Detangling And Reapplication of Micro Link Hair Extensions $150-$450


Maintenance of Hair Extensions – Detangling, Washing and Blow-Drying  $60+


We love hair – this is a passion for us not just a job!

For a sneak peek into our daily transformations take a look at our Facebook & Instagram Pages.


Gorgeous tone made possible thanks to the products of Alter Ego Italy. Color was applied root to tip and sealed with a glazing treatment.

By Carmen


Thanks to #MyIdentity by Guy Tang we were able to lift our clients hair using Big9. For depositing tones we alternated formulas using the rose gold, silver, and mauve shades.

By Dania

Carolina Avila (5)

Root-To-Tip color using Techno Color by Alter Ego Italy. To seal in the hair color we had used a glazing treatment from Redken ShadesEQ. Finished service with vivacious curls.

By Tanya


Highlight balayage on a ‘natural’ blonde base. Added Olaplex onto our clients formula to obtain maximum lift with least amount of damage. ‘U’ shapped haircut with face framing layers.

By Noel


Hand selected hair strands for the balayage service. Added in a sprinkle of Olaplex onto our clients formula for a healthier lightening service. Custom mixed hot pink shade.

By Yili

Dania (1)

Highlighted the hair with help from our bond builders and ultra long foils for seamless and precise application. Finished off service with ash glazing treatment to remove yellow tones.

By Dania


Specials, Events and Updates

Behind The Chair Show
Our team members will be attending one of the biggest hair shows in Washington, D.C. from August 24 – 28. This event is known as the summer camp for hairdressers across the country. We will reopen the salon on August 29th after 11 am!

The salon will close on November 28, 2019 for Thanksgiving. The salon will open that week Monday – Wednesday (from 10 am – 8:30 pm) & Friday – Saturday (from 11 am -5:30 pm)

New Years:
The salon will be closed from January 1 –  9, 2020. We will reopen on Friday January 10, 2020, after 11:00 a.m.!

Our staff members request that you make your appointments two weeks in advance to ensure that there is enough availability for your preferred stylist, service(s) and time. There are some rare cases where last minute openings do happen, but they are not common occurrences.

For online scheduling you may always make your own appointments at: HairHealers.SalonRunner.com
  If you can’t find availability for the time and date that you would like, please call us at 305-643-2252 to be put on a waiting list.



Dania Galarce

Owner & Master Stylist:


Color (Base color, Root To Tip, Dimensional Color, Glossing Treatments, Fantasy Shades, Color Blocking, and Ammonia Free Colors), High Lights & Low-Lights, 3D Haircolor, Balayage, Color Correction,  Haircuts (With Shears, Thinning Shears, Razor, Clippers & Trimmers; Specializes In Dry & Wet Cutting ), Keratin Treatments(Certified stylist with Brazilian blowout, Sweet & Felps), Japanese & Non-Ionic Relaxers, Curl Softening, Perms, Special Event Styling (Weddings, Quince/Sweet 16), Restorative Hair Treatments, Extensions (Certified with SoCaap, Cinderella Hair Extensions, Platinum Seamless, & Bjorn – Keratin Tip, Micro-link, & Tape Extensions) & Image Consultant.


Adryanna Galarce

Co-Owner & Salon Coordinator

Specialties: Hair Styling, Color (Base color, Root To Tip, Glazing Treatments, Ammonia Free Hair Color, & Fantasy Tones & Hair Color), High/Low Lights, Balancing Hair Color, Balayage, Keratin Treatments (Certified stylist with Brazilian Blowout, Sweet Professional & Felps) Hair Extensions (Certified with Dream Catchers & Bjorn Hair Extensions: Application, At Home Care, Styling, Removal & Reapplication) Scalp Therapy with Restorative Hair Treatments & Making THE Best Cuban Coffee in South Florida



Yiliannis ‘Yili’ Rodriguez

Master Stylist, Colorist & Extension Specialist

Specialties include: Color (Base color, Root To Tip, Dimensional Color, Glazing Treatments & Ammonia Free Colors) Fantasy Tones & Hair Color, Ombre, High/Low Lights, Balayage, California Highlights, Color Blocking, Color Correction, Keratin Treatments(Certified with Brazilian blowout), Hair Extensions (At Home Maintenance, removal, Application of; Fusion, Micro Links, Clip-Ons & Seamless), Hair Cuts, Restorative Hair Treatments, & Image Consultant.


Carmen Enriquez

Stylist & Eyebrow Magician

Specialties: Hair Styling, Scalp Therapy with Restorative Treatments, Color (Base color, Root To Tip, Glazing Treatments and Ammonia Free Hair Color), High/Low-Lights, Balancing Color, Hair Cuts, & Keratin Treatments.

Interested in being one of our team members?
We are always looking for new talent that LOVES this industry, continues to grow with the changing trends, and has a passion for customer service.

Send your resume and/or portfolio to our e-mail at Dania@HairHealers.com


Pedro “Noel” Perez

Master Stylist & Colorist

Specialties include: Color (Base color, Root To Tip, Dimensional Color, Glazing Treatments & Ammonia Free Colors), Ombre, High/Low Lights, Balayage, Color Correction, Hair Cuts (With Shears, Thinning Shears, Razor, Clippers & Trimmers), Keratin Treatments (Certified with Brazilian blowout), Curl Softeners,  Restorative Hair Treatments, & Image Consultant.


Tanya Serrano

Keratin Specialist & Hair Repair

Specialties: Keratin Treatments (Certified with Brazilian Blowout, Sweet Professional, Felps, Natura keratin & Dream Keratin), Color (Base color, Root To Tip, Glazing Treatments and Ammonia Free Hair Colors), High/low lights, Restorative Treatments, Styling with the Blower & Iron..


Jannie Munoz

Hair Designer & Make-up Artist

Specialties include: Keratin Treatments, Color (Base color, Root To Tip, Dimensional Color, Glossing Treatments and Ammonia Free Colors), California Highlights, Hair Extensions ( At Home Maintenance, Removal & Application of Tape Extensions) Special Styling With The Blower & Iron, Up-do’s and Special Event Styling, Make-up For Special Occasions, Scalp Therapy with Conditioning Treatments, & Image Consultant.


2626 SW 9th St.
Miami, Fl 33135

Phone: (305) 643-2252

Email: dania@hairhealers.com

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, & Saturday : 10:00 AM → 6:30 PM

Sunday, Monday & Wednesday : Closed

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